buildstream.project module

Loaded Project Configuration

The Project object holds all of the project settings from the project configuration file including the project directory it was loaded from.

class Project(directory, host_arch, target_arch=None)

Bases: object

Project Configuration

  • directory (str) – The project directory
  • host_arch (str) – Symbolic host machine architecture name
  • target_arch (str) – Symbolic target machine architecture name


name = None

str – The project name

directory = None

str – The project directory

element_path = None

str – Absolute path to where elements are loaded from within the project


Translates the given url which may be specified with an alias into a fully qualified url.

Parameters:url (str) – A url, which may be using an alias
Returns:The fully qualified url, with aliases resolved
Return type:str

This method is provided for Source objects to resolve fully qualified urls based on the shorthand which is allowed to be specified in the YAML